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Joining Jesus around the Table
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About TNC: Our Vision

We understand the mission of God’s Church on earth to be constant over time and comprised of two great callings: the Church has always gathered to be formed together into the likeness of Christ, and the Church has always been invited to join Jesus in reconciling the world to Himself. At TNC we find “The Table” as our way — our vision — for living out this mission in all the neighborhoods in which we find ourselves. Our work and our joy is to set tables of faith, service, and friendship wherever we can. So, welcome to the Table! We always have a seat for you.

The Table Is…

Relational.  We long to see and be seen as Jesus sees us, and gathering around a simple table is where we begin.

Messy. Jesus thrived in the mess of life, and we follow His lead recognizing Him in ourselves and in every guest at the table.

Merciful. We come together at the Lord’s table as a means of grace and devoting ourselves to Jesus, His people, and His purposes.

About TNC: Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are summed up in a few documents, including the Essentials of Our Faith. We are part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, a family of churches with a robust history on the Front Range.

Questions: TNCElders@googlegroups.com