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Kids’ Connection

Kids’ Connection


The Neighborhood Church is about transforming the lives of kids. Everything we do is about connecting kids to God’s Word, forming Christ-centered relationships, and applying biblical truths to everyday life–and doing it all in a way that is so much fun that kids don’t want to miss it!

We believe that parents are the most influential people in their kids’ lives, and we want to provide tools that equip you to be your kids’ spiritual mentors.


The Neighborhood Kids’ Ministry starts on Sunday at 11 a.m. directly after the Neighborhood Connection. If this is your first visit, check in at the Welcome Center. For returning parents, check your kids in at the registration table by the nursery.

The Neighborhood Nursery also starts immediately after the Neighborhood Connection. Please make sure to check in your kids for their name tags. Please pick up your child promptly after Sunday’s sermon.

Both the Neighborhood Kids and Neighborhood Nursery use The Gospel Project curriculum. This allows all of our kids at every age to have an understanding of how God works in their lives, how to have a relationship with Jesus, and how to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them on a daily basis.

By engaging all of our kids at every age, we make learning about God fun! We encourage our parents and all of the congregation to sit in on a class to observe or to volunteer in the Neighborhood Kids and the Neighborhood Nursery.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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