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Welcome to The Neighborhood Church!

We’re glad you decided to join us. We’re a relaxed and informal community. Here are some things to know about us.

We’re a community that focuses on transformational worship through teaching, music, and sacraments.  

Our pastors are committed to proclaiming the good news of Jesus as the central story taught through the accurate explanation of Scripture. Preaching is one of the primary aspects of our service and can last 25-35 minutes.  We also devote time at the beginning and end of each service to singing as we think God is worthy of our praise. Our worship service starts at 10 a.m., although many parents and others don’t settle in until about 10:10.

We’re a community that values relationships and holds that all relationships are sacred.

In addition to regularly meeting outside of our community, each Sunday we worship through our Neighborhood Connection. It’s an extended time of connecting and getting to know one another through coffee, connection, and food before we settle down to listen to God’s word.  

We believe that the Gospel creates a new community, and one of the primary ways is through loving and sharing time with people who might be different from us.

We’re a community that wants to love and connect with our neighbors.

We are a people sent to serve and love as the Gospel changes us. We believe that the Gospel changes us in order to give our lives away for the sake of our neighbors and friends. 

We’re a community that wants to equip parents and the next generation.

Neighborhood Kids provides a safe and nurturing environment for your children. It’s our hope that kids will experience the love of Jesus and the truth of the Bible in a fun, exciting, and practical way.

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10 a.m. Sundays, Dakota Ridge High School